How a Toilet Works and Why Using It Is So Important

While the whole room is dedicated to bathing, cleansing and general hygiene, the toilet may be the most irreplaceable area of the bathroom. Thanks to modern technology, the toilet has allowed us to hygienically remove human waste with just one flush.

Doing so is vitally important as it limits the access you and your family have to nasty germs, diseases and odours. Knowing how your toilet flush works is key to caring for it properly and keeping it in great condition for as long as possible.

How does a toilet flush system work?

Hiding under the lid of your toilet tank are several key parts that are crucial to make your toilet flush. These are:

  • The toilet siphon – a one-piece or two-piece unit that contains a pipe, pull handle and a plastic flapper valve (which releases clean water into your toilet.)
  • The flush valve
  • The refill valve

These pieces are connected in perfect order to make your toilet flush. Here’s how it works:

  1. When the flush handle is pressed, it pulls a chain connected to a flapper.
  2. The flapper lifts and releases the tank water down the flush valve into the toilet bowl.
  3. The pressure of the water pushes waste over the trap at the bottom of thebowland into the main drain.
  4. Once the tank is empty the flapper closes and forms a seal in the tank.
  5. The water is then refilled in the tank from the main supply until it hits the float.
  6. The float will rise with the water and shut the valve off stopping the water from flowing in once it has reached the fill line.

Behind the simple flush, your toilet cistern is working hard to clear unwanted waste away. After a while, the inside of your toilet tank can develop stains and grime which can spread throughout your toilet and reduce the efficiency of the mechanisms within the tank. You can read our guide on how to clean a toilet tank for more cleaning tips with Harpic.  

Why is it important to use a toilet?

Toilets play a crucial role the sanitation of your household. They effectively and hygienically remove waste away from the home, reducing the exposure your loved ones have to human waste and the diseases it can carry.

These preventable diseases, such as diarrhoea, can cause sickness and malnutrition which can lead to long-term problems. Using a toilet rather than other means, such as defecating outside, is an important step to raising sanitation levels across India.

Keeping your toilet hygienic is also just as important as using one. By incorporating a well-honed toilet cleaning routine into your bathroom chores can help eliminate germs and dirt that linger in and around yourtoilet. Usea powerful cleaner like Harpic Power Plus, which kills 99.9% of germs and destroys unpleasant toilet odours, which means your toilet can stay clean, hygienic and inviting.


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