Caring for People

Caring for People

Across the globe, Harpic stands for better hygiene, for everyone. Because a healthy, happy, hygienic home starts with cleaning better. And better cleaning really is about caring for the people we love.

We are on a mission to achieve safer toilets for all.

Everywhere and for everybody, a bathroom should be hygienically clean and germ free. A room that, when clean, you can feel pride in. The heart of your home is an intimate space, that you can be reassured is beneficial to both your and your family’s health and wellbeing.


Globally, we are on a mission to achieve safer toilets for all. We’ve already helped to drive behavioural change in ways that benefit millions of people. 

Over the past 24 months of these COVID-19 times, our inclusive product innovations have helped an extra 75,000.000 households across 11 markets achieve ever better standards of health and hygiene. And we partner with key organizations to magnify the impact we strive to make. In India, these include:



Together Harpic (as part of Reckitt) and Water.Org have enabled lasting household water and sanitation solutions across India, Indonesia and Kenya disadvantaged communities. To date, we have reached 1.1million people, mobilised $78.4M of capital and 95% of loans for household sanitation. Logo

Mission Swacchta Aur Paani (Mission Sanitation Water)

Today in India, lack of adequate access to water has become a key barrier for several homes in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of their toilets. More than 600 million Indians face acute water shortages, and the situation is only getting worse with India’s estimated water demand to be twice the available supply by 2030. With the Mission Swacchta Paani initiative in partnership with Network 18, one of India’s largest media houses, Harpic is looking to create an ecosystem which will help India save millions of litres of water so that no home in India has to compromise on health and hygiene due to inadequate availability of water.


Harpic World Toilet College

Looking at the plight of sanitation workers in India, Reckitt in association with World Toilet Organisation (WTO) of Singapore and Jagaran Pehel, an NGO started this in 2016. The Toilet College is now present in six states and has been established to provide sanitation workers with a dignified livelihood, access to basic rights and improve their self-esteem. The college operates as a knowledge sharing platform with an aim to uplift the lives of the sanitation workers. Workers trained by the college are provided placement with various organisations. The college educates the sanitation workers about their rights, health hazards, use of technology and alternate livelihood skills.

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