World Toilet Day 19
November 2023

Access to safe, hygienic sanitation isn’t a lifestyle choice. It’s a basic necessity to stay disease free! At Harpic, we believe that it’s a fundamental human right. A right that is never more important to remember than today. Why? Because today is World Toilet Day. Join us to help make sanitation accessible to all.

How can we help you?

Harpic can help find solutions to all your toilet & bathroom questions or problems.

Our Clean &
Care System

Whether you’re cleaning your toilet for the first time, embarking on a regular routine, dealing with limescale or mould, or giving your surroundings a deep clean, Harpic has got everything to get your spaces sparkling and keep you and your family safe and well.
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Harpic Toilet &

When the pandemic hit, we wanted to find ways to help you better protect yourselves when you had to leave your home and use public spaces. You told us that public toilets were a particular worry. So, we went away and created a sanitizing product to keep you protected while on the go.

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Harpic is the best selling toilet cleaner in the world, helping keep toilets & bathrooms clean across the globe since the 1920s. Explore our range of complimentary products (Toilet, Bathroom & Drain cleaners) and achieve a clean that helps both you and your family’s wellbeing.

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Our brand is here to help you keep your toilet and bathroom clean and germ free, and your family safe and well. That’s why we proudly share our new brand line with you.