Keeping you protected on-the-go

Keeping you protected

Introducing Harpic Toilet & Bathroom Sanitizer

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Harpic is the clean that makes a difference. We provide the toilet, bathroom and drain cleaners you trust - now we have a product that can keep you protected while on the go.

When the pandemic hit, we wanted to find ways to help you better protect yourselves when you had to leave your home and use public spaces. You told us that public toilets were a particular worry. So, we went away and created a sanitizing product to keep you protected while on the go.

Train Citrus

After all, public toilets pose a significant germ concern with a risk of personal discomfort and disease. For example, did you know that a single train toilet can be used daily by 100 people or that the average toilet cubicle only gets cleaned every two hours?

Citrus Usage

Now you can travel safely and disinfect on the go with Harpic Toilet & Bathroom Sanitizer Spray. With all the power and protection of Harpic in a small can, this high-performance sanitizer spray kills 99.9% of Bacteria (including odour causing bacteria) & viruses and disinfects all hard surfaces within just 10 seconds. Simply spray on toilet seats, taps or door handles to keep protected wherever you are.

Door Citrus

Harpic can help provide all the tools for a hygienically clean and fresh feeling both in and out of the home for you and your family.

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