How to give your toilet a daily clean

How to give your toilet a daily clean

Man and kid cleaning a Western toilet together

It’s important to give your toilet a regular clean. Not only will it keep it germ-free and hygienic, it also makes it much easier to prevent stubborn build up. Why not prioritize just five minutes a day to give your toilet a quick scrub? Follow the instructions below to care for your toilet on a daily basis:

  1. Take a bottle of Harpic Power Plus, press the sides of the cap and twist counterclockwise to open.
  2. Position the nozzle directly under the rim of the toilet bowl and pour all around the bowl, while squeezing the bottle to dispense the liquid evenly.
  3. Leave for 20 minutes.
  4. Brush the bowl lightly with a toilet brush and flush.

For an additional clean with every flush, why not pop a Harpic Hygienic in your toilet? Just clip the to the rim of the bowl where the water flows. Depending on your usage, a single block can last you up to three weeks, and once it’s completely dissolved, unclip it, dispose of it and replace with a new one.

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