How to clean a western toilet

How to clean a western toilet

Indian squat toilet in tiled bathroom

All types of toilets need regular cleaning but different types of toilets can require different techniques. A Western toilet has a toilet tank attached directly to the toilet bowl, which holds and then removes any human waste with a flush of the water tank. Attached to the bowl is the toilet seat and the lid.

To clean a western toilet, we recommend using a strong strong disinfectant, such as Harpic Power Plus, as follows:

  1. Take a bottle of Harpic Power Plus. Press the sides of the cap (marked as 1) and twist counter-clockwise (marked as 2) to open.
  2. Position the nozzle directly under the rim of the toilet bowl and pour all around the bowl, while squeezing the bottle to dispense the liquid evenly.
  3. Let the liquid spread from rim to U-bend and leave for 20 minutes.
  4. Brush the toilet lightly and flush.

In addition to this, we recommend using a cistern block such as Harpic Flushmatic to clean the toilet bowl with every flush. To use Harpic Flushmatic:

  1. Remove block from blister but do not remove the coating
  2. Drop Harpic Flushmatic block into the tank, away from the water inlet
  3. Wait 10 minutes before the first flush to activate
  4. Replace the Harpic Flushmatic with a new block when the blue colour disappears from your water

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