How to clean bathroom tiles

How to clean bathroom tiles

Cleaning the bathroom is probably not on your list of favourite things to do. But, clean it we must. One of the areas in our bathrooms that can get tricky to clean if we don’t do it regularly is the bathroom tiles.

Whether you have tiles on the bathroom walls or on the floor, learning how to clean bathroom tiles efficiently can ensure you spend as little time doing so as possible. In this article, we provide some helpful tips to clean both wall and floor tiles, as well as how to tackle any mould build up that has formed.

A top tip before you start: turn the shower on to create steam so the tiles are both warm and moist – it’ll make it easier to get any stubborn grime off the surfaces. And, if you’re cleaning with chemicals, keep the bathroom door and windows open for ventilation.


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  • How to clean bathroom wall tiles
  • How to clean bathroom floor tiles
  • How to remove stains from bathroom tiles
  • How to keep the bathroom clean

How to clean grouting in the tiles

Let’s start off by learning how to clean between the tiles. Discoloured grout can make your tiles look dirtier than they are, while the porous nature of most grouting means it’s highly susceptible to dangerous bacteria and mould growth. The best way to tackle dirty grouting is by using an old toothbrush and your chosen cleaning agent.

While some people swear by a baking soda-vinegar combination, tougher grout stains – and more effective cleaning – needs a purpose-built product like the Harpic Bathroom Cleaner. The Harpic Bathroom Cleaner is a better alternative to detergent or phenyl formulas which may not work on tough stains. Read up on how to use the Harpic Bathroom Cleaner so you know exactly what to do.

Whichever cleaner you choose to use, the steps are more or less the same:

Step 1 – Spread the cleaner over the affected areas as per instructions on pack

Step 2 – Scrub vigorously with the toothbrush

Step 3 – Leave the solution for a few minutes to work its magic

Step 4 – Rinse it all off with clean water

Step 5 – Repeat as needed

As a final flourish, give your tiles a wipe down with a micro fibre cloth to prevent streaks.

How to clean bathroom wall tiles

Once you’ve tackled floor tiles, the next step is to figure out how to clean bathroom wall tiles. Again, a purpose-built cleaner is your best bet as it’ll have disinfectant qualities as well as the power to remove even the toughest of stains.

Before you start, read the instructions on your cleaner’s label. You may be asked to dilute the cleaner with some water before you start, while some cleaners work better undiluted. Never use your cleaner in its undiluted form if the instructions ask you to dilute it.

Again, the steps themselves are simple:

Step 1 – Pre-warm your wall tiles by steaming up your bathroom

Step 2 – Cover the tiles with your chosen cleaner, working in manageable sections at a time

Step 3 – Scrub the tiles using a soft sponge, gentle pressure and a constant wiping motion

Step 4 – Leave the solution on your bathroom wall tiles for a 5 minutes

Step 5 – Rinse off with clean water

Step 6 – Repeat if needed

Step 7 – Dab the walls dry with a micro fibre cloth to prevent streaks

How to clean bathroom floor tiles

The story is fairly similar when it comes to techniques and advice on how to clean bathroom floor tiles. Choose your favourite bathroom tile cleaner, pre-warm the tiles and work section by section to keep things manageable.





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