Benefits of a one piece toilet

Toilets are one of the most important appliances in any bathroom, and believe it or not, they come in many shapes, sizes and styles. There are clear advantages to many of them, depending on your preference. Squat toilets are very popular in India, while western toilets have a bowl and a seat that are connected to one another. Traditionally, toilets come with a tank and bowl bolted together, which is called a two-piece toilet, but the one-piece commode is also popular option. Here are some of the benefits:  

What is a one-piece toilet bowl

A one-piece toilet is a style of toilet where the tank or cistern is connected directly to the bowl, so it is one full unit, whereas a two-piece toilet is made up of two separate units, which are then joined. This means the installation process of a one-piece toilet is easier, as it just needs to be connected to the water supply on the wall and fitted correctly to the drain on the floor. This is made easier by the fact that the toilet is more compact, as the tank is considerably smaller than most other toilets.  

Taking care of your toilet tank and bowl, is easy with Harpic Flushmatic. Simply remove the block from the blister pack (but do not remove the cloth),and drop it into the cistern. Leave for 10 minutes to activate, and then flush. Replace it when the blue colour begins to fade.  

Keeping a one-piece toilet clean

Keeping these toilets clean is super simple, as there is no crease or joint between the tank and the bowl (like on a two-piece toilet) for fluid or waste to get trapped between. If you wanted to get in there to clean it on a two-piece toilet, you may have to remove the tank which can lead to breakages.  

Another big advantage of the one-piece toilet is that because the tank is fused with the bowl it is more durable and is less likely to leak or break. So, even though these benefits come with a higher price tag, the pros can be that you may spend less money on a plumber if things go wrong.  

There are many health benefits of using toilets which you can read in our article on why using a toilet is important 

The importance of using toilets is that it drastically improves sanitation levels by hygienically removing waste, away from human contact. While there are benefits to a one-piece toilet, it doesn’t matter what style you use, as long as it safely removes the waste from your home. Incorporating regular cleaning routine also helps reduce toilet germs to keep you and your family safe.  


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