Harpic Germ and Stain Blaster

Product Features

  • 100% More Germ Kill^
  • 100% More Stain Removal^
  • Most Powerful Toilet Cleaner*
  • Helps fight odour and any unpleasant smell
  • Better than the ordinary bleach, acid and phenyl

Also available in: Two scents: Citrus (750ml) and Floral (750ml)

Product Description

Harpic Germ and Stain Blaster is a powerful toilet cleaner, strongest of the Harpic lot that gives you unbeatable cleaning both above and below the waterline and freshness for the toilet. Its thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents clings to the toilet surface and removes the toughest stains and kills sturdiest germs, providing your toilet 100 % more stain-removal and better germ protection.

We know you give your 100% in everything you do when it concerns your family. Toilet is one area which not only gets dirty but is also full of germs and therefore requires nothing but the best cleaning.

However, cleaning the toilet is often considered the most hated house chore and probably also tops the list of the worst chores for some. But an effective, reliable, strong and disinfecting toilet cleaner can make a big difference in getting this chore done with lesser frustration and quicker results.

Try the Harpic Germ and Stain blaster!

It also gives your toilet a pleasant fresh fragrance and helps avoid odour for long. It easily spreads on the toilet bowl and provides 100% better cleaning than the ordinary toilet bleach and detergents. It gives unbeatable cleaning by removing the toughest spots and stains on the toilet bowl.

*Amongst all Harpic Variants
^As compared to ordinary detergents

- Press sides of cap and twist counter clockwise to open
- Squeeze liquid around the bowl and under the rim
- Let liquid spread from rim to U-bend
- Leave for 20 mins; brush lightly and flush

Product Code: 8901396153504