Harpic Power Fresh 6 Floral

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Product Features

  • Shine
  • Dirt removal
  • Anti-limescale
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks*
  • Pleasant fragrance -- Cleaning and foaming action

Product Description

Maintain a clean toilet with the help of Harpic Power Fresh 6 – it cleans & freshens your toilet for up to 4 weeks.

Step 1: Open the packaging. Remove the product from the blister pack and stretch out the clip Step 2: Attach the block with the clip to the toilet rim where the flush water flows maximum Step 3: Flush to activate the product Step 4: Once the product has fully dissolved, displace and dispose of the plastic clip and Replace with a new one Harpic Power Fresh 6 Product *Always use Harpic Power Fresh 6 Floral separately. Do not mix with other products