All in One - One stop solution for all toilet cleaning needs

Harpic All in One combines the benefits of tough stain removal, 99.9% germ kill and freshness into one single product. Upgrade to the expert one stop solution of All in One.

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Rinse your toilet with every flush!

Harpic Flushmatic is a drop-in tank tablet which works from inside the cistern to release a dose of powerful detergent with every flush.

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Refresh your toilet with every flush!

Harpic Hygienic is an innovative cage-free toilet block for western lavatories that helps clean and remove germs with every flush.

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Pain-free Potty Training

So, you’ve managed to survive the baby years, and your little bundle of joy is, well, not so little any more.

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Organise your bathroom

Your bathroom is your haven. Create more space and save time with this simple tips and tricks.

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Harpic Fresh

A range of fragrance liquid toilet cleaners to disinfect and refresh your toilet

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Quick and easy: Harpic Product Finder

Find a Harpic product to suit you. Whether it’s a liquid power cleaner for a deep clean or a toilet block for daily freshening, Harpic will leave your toilet brilliantly clean and fresh every day.

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Pain free Potty Training

How to toilet train your child without the tears

So, you’ve managed to survive the baby years, and your little bundle of joy is, well, not so little any more. In fact, they’re getting more and more independent every day, and as they get better at communicating their needs, you may realise it’s time to tackle toilet training.

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Six bathroom cleaning tips that really work

Tips for keeping your bathroom an oasis of hygiene and happiness

We know that keeping your bathroom and toilet clean and hygienic for you and your loved ones is high up on your list of chores. We also know it’s not a job many of us relish. This is why we’ve come up with some tips for taking the stress out of caring for your bathroom - so you can spend more time enjoying it and less time scrubbing it.

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Beautiful bathroom feng shui

There's much more to a lovely bathroom experience than a hygienic toilet

The bathroom means many things to different family members. For mums, it’s a relaxing retreat where she can unwind and indulge in a blissful bath experience. Candles, bath salts or soft music – whatever it takes to make her feel pampered. For dads, it’s about a healthy dose of one-on-one toilet time and a chance to catch up on the sports section in peace. And kids? They just need a healthy, hygienic toilet to use quickly so they can get back to more important things – like having fun.

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Harpic Flushmatic

A foaming blue cistern product that works through your toilet system to clean and freshen.

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Harpic Plus Bleach

Thick bleach toilet cleaning liquid for a powerful clean and brilliant shine.

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Harpic Hygienic

A no-cage, no-mess toilet block that cleans and freshens with every flush for a hygienic toilet.

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