Harpic Hygienic

Product Features

  • Cage-free rim block toilet cleaner
  • Cleans and gives pleasant fragrance with every flush
  • Prevents the build-up of stains
  • Touch free and hygienic

Product Description

Harpic Hygienic Toilet Rim Block is an innovative cage-free toilet block that helps clean and freshen with every flush. The toilet rim block works to maintain a constantly fresh and hygienic toilet. So your toilet feels fresher for longer, even in between cleans. Harpic Hygienic toilet rim block targets the toilet bowl for stains and deposits, and keeps it visibly clean and fresh for longer. It fits discreetly under the rim. A single block of Harpic Hygienic toilet cleaner lasts upto 3 weeks depending upon your usage. It can help prevent stain build-up, keeping your toilet clean for longer.

1. Take the block out of the pack; stretch the plastic clip2. Use the clip to attach and block securely into the rim of the toilet where flush water flows maximum3. Leave it dipped into the toilet rim till the block dissolves completely 4. When the block is dissolved, simply take off the clip, throw it in the bin and replace with a new one5. This product can be used in a western toilet only. *Always use Harpic Hygienic separately. Do not mix with other products