How to clean stains from your sink

Your sink can be a well-used area in your bathroom so it’s easy for grime and dirt to build up and stain. Not only can these stains be unattractive to look at, but the dirt can transfer germs around and be a real pain to remove if you don’t clean your wash basin often.

To maintain a good level of hygiene, incorporating a thorough cleaning routine can save you time and protect those in your house from any germs that linger in your sink.

How to clean a ceramic sink

Ceramic sinks look great and they’re easy to clean too as they are more heavy-duty. To clean your sink, you can use Harpic Bathroom Cleaner to remove any unwanted stains, dirt, and germs.

Simply follow the instructions to get your sink to shine: 

Step 1 – Make sure the room is well ventilated by opening doors and windows before starting

Step 2 – Apply Harpic Bathroom Cleaner directly onto the stain and leave for 5 minutes.

Step 3 – Softly scrub the formula into the stain with a sponge 

For more tips on how to clean hard water stains from taps read our handy guide. 

With regular maintenance, it can be easy to clean your sink.

A quick clean of the sink a few times a week can prevent stubborn stains and long, time-consuming cleans in the future, as well as providing a good level of hygiene for you and your family.